Product Reviews

Aesthetic Aurora

Arte Suave Alpha

BreakPoint Ultra Lightweight Deluxe

Comme Des Grappler

Da Firma Kimono Company

Do or Die Hyperfly

Do or Die Gear Bag

Dokebi Brothers

Ezekiel Kimono

Flow Kimonos Pro Series V1

Gi Soap

Gruntworks Batch #2

HCK Ripstop Lite

HCK Competition Single Weave

Inverted Gear Blue Panda

Kingz Kimonos Comp 450 V2

Lucky Gi Diaz Brothers

Manila Kimonos

Muaewear Furinkazan

Omega Maniac Shaka

OSS Clothing V1

Roll Jiu Jitsu Apparel

Shoyoroll Charles Lew

Shoyoroll Rio Koi

Soul Kimonos Paradiso

Submission FC Hemp Sensation

Tatami Estilo 3.0

TUFROL Signature Gi

Underoath BJJ Apparel

Valor Jiu Jitsu Victory

X-Guard Kamikazi

  1. waltwjm says:

    Of the Gi’s you reviewed, which one do you recommend for a guy that’s 5’6, 232 lbs, broad shoulders & a belly, 28 inseam?

    • DanofEarth says:

      Hey waltwjm. I’m not that size, but I once got a A2H from DFKC that was perfectly designed for broader guys. You might want to hit them up and see if they have an A1H perhaps. Even the A2H might fit you. I’d worry about the pants being a tad long, but you could get that hemmed. Give them a hollar though, they have great customer service!

      • waltwjm says:

        Thanks! The other option I am looking at is the White Panda Gi by Inverted Gear.

        On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 10:34 AM, Dan Of Earth

      • DanofEarth says:

        I’m not sure which size would work for you from Inverted Gear but they make super solid Gis.

        My other personal favorites are OSS and Strike Fightwear.

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