Kingz Kimonos Comp 450 V.2

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Gi Review


(Free rashguard code with purchase of a Kingz Gi at the bottom of the review!)


I’ll be quite honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Kingz Kimonos in the past and I wasn’t very enthusiastic while waiting for this Gi to arrive. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I got this Gi for review. It is a QUALITY piece. The embroidery is downright schnazzy. To the full review we go!


To Purchase

The best place to grab the Kingz V2 is over at Fighter’s Market. 


Gi Size tested: A3

gireviews size chart

A. 7

B. 30.5

C. 18.5

D. 25

E. 20

F. 12.5

G. 9.5

H. 40.5

From their site:

The Kingz 450 COMP V2 gi is a 450 gram weight jacket top made of traditional pearl style weave material.
This is a great competition and daily training gi.

Ultra lightweight
Preshrunk for an ideal fit
Triple reinforced stitching across all stress points
Quick dry and fully breathable

Gis undergo a preshrinking process, reducing by 90% the shrinkage of the gi
Logo trim on jacket bottom and cuffs
High stitch count embroidered logos on shoulders
Made of one piece fabric for superior strength and durability
Synthetic heat resistant lapel insert, a single piece of vulcanized rubber inside the collar that keeps the gi light, dry faster and keep your lapel fungus an bacteria free

10oz drill cotton material, light yet extremely durable & comfortable
Double reinforced knee padding, triple stitched with over lapped seam
6 Drawstring loops
Rope drawstring as opposed to the traditional twill, which allows for tighter fastening of the pants, and more comfort when training.


The Jacket:

Easily my favorite aspect of this gi is it’s fit. The tailored fit is exceptionally tailored to my body type specifically. 5’10, 195lb frame.

005The thickness of this Gi is nice. It claims “ultra-lightweight” but that’s just marketing, this Gi is on the medium side of the weight bracket. It’s a great all around weight.

Like I mentioned before, the embroidery is top notch and really scales up the quality of this Gi over it’s predecessors which used thin patches.

004The inside seam tape on the sleeves and skirt are comfortable and provide no irritants. The yellow color also contrasts quite nicely.

The collar is sturdy and comfortable, it’s not flimsy and virtually non-existent like a lot of cruddy collars that have been coming out lately.

008The Trousers:

The pants, like the top, are of exceptional quality. Comfortable and durable, pretty much all you can ask for in a pair of pants.

The pants were a couple inches too long for me (A3 pants, 5’10″ height) but that’s a personal issue. I usually fit into a nice A3 top and A2 pants. No fault of theirs though.


The seam tape again causes no issues. The pants were thick but not too heavy and had a luxury “feel” to them. Take that non-scientific who ha for what you will.

The 6 loop belt system worked well and has been upgraded over previous releases with the industry standard stretchy rope draw string.

Maneuverability wise I had no issues, the crotch has the same cotton gusset but has plenty of space for flexibility. The small Comp 450 logo on the left pant leg is just as quality as the embroidery on the top.


In Conclusion:

If you want to feel like a King, buy one of these Gi’s. They are reasonable priced but don’t come with a gear bag.

Bonus shot for the fans:

Giphotos 057



As a special bonus for our fans Kingz is offering a coupon code for one of their rashguards which fits and feels great. The Kingz logo on the sleeve and the crown in the center of the chest are sublimated. I love me some sublimated graphics! Just add the rashguard to your cart in whatever size you need, click here, and use code “gireviews” at check out for a Free rashie!

Update: 03-29-13

A small hole has appeared on the back of the collar next to the shoulder logo. An even smaller hole appears to be developing on the opposite side as well.

002 (2)

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