Arte Suave Alpha

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Gi Review

The Arte Suave Alpha



One of my favorite Gi designs in recent memory, but it falls short in the comfort department. It is the lightest of the light. If you are on safari or traversing the Sahara, this Gi might be for you.



A: 7

B: 29

C: 20

D: 24.5

E: 20.5

F: 12.5

G: 8.5

H: 37

About the Alpha from Arte Suave:

Premium Lightweight Design:
420 Gram Pearl Weave
100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton
8oz. Rip-Stop Pants
Green Contrast Stitching and Accents
Reinforced Stitching

-Embroidered Logos
-Black Trimmed Cuffs
-Inner Taping with Logo
-UVA foam collar with rip-stop material
-Mouthguard pocket

-8oz Rip-Stop
-6 Belt Loops
-Green Drawstring
-Black Trimmed Cuffs
-Inner Taping with Logo
-Reinforced Knee pads

Price: $139.99 – Size tested A2, my dimensions: 5’10″ 195lb.


SAM_3980The top fit me great. I can’t stress it’s lightness enough, it almost feels like paper.

I thoroughly enjoyed the artistic logo embroidery throughout the Gi top, the lightning bolt, Arte Suave logo and “The Gentle Art” phrase across the back.

SAM_3984A strong negative however is the very scratchy seam tape throughout this Gi. The wrists seam tape are so scratchy I didn’t enjoy wearing the top at all, regardless of how cool I thought it looked. (Note: Scot from Arte Suave has looked into this and will be fixing it for their next gi, the Bravo).

SAM_3985Besides the seam tape, I didn’t notice any other defects in the top. It wasn’t restrictive or falling apart, but due to its thinness I can’t imagine this Gi lasting for the long term.

The Gi top material is actually kind of coarse and tough for opponents to grab.SAM_3986


La Trousers:

Like the top, the pants are extremely light. Beyond belief light even. They are 8oz ripstop and are as thin as rice paper.


Like the wrist’s seam tape, the pant bottoms suffer from the same scratching, which on the top of your foot can be quite distracting.

The pants are kind of small from the crotch to the top of the pants and this led to them sagging in the back on me, and was restrictive while I rolled. (Note: Scot from Arte Suave has also noted that the pants’ tightness will be fixed in the Bravo gi as well.)

The pants are also a different shade than the top, which kind of threw off all of the aesthetic appeal that the gi brings to the table.


The belt loop system works as advertised but the traditional drawstring can be tough to undue once soaking wet.


A great concept that lacks in execution unfortunately. The Gi does come with a stylish Gi Bag…which is quite roomy compared to most and looks great.

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