Gruntwork Batch #2

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Gi Review


A very unique product that has an overall excellent look. The belt loop system has been redesigned from the ground up but I don’t view this as necessarily a good thing. I think it’s overly complicated and the execution was faulty. The embroidery is decent and overall it looks pretty cool.


For more shots of what the pants looked like pre-modification (see below), check out my first impression video:

From the site:

Gi product highlights:

** First ever Patent Pending enclosure designed for a secure fit
* 10 oz rip stop pant offers durability with the least weight
* Woven gusset provides added stability and endurance
* 550 gram Pearl Weave for optimum comfort and strength
* Extended product life through reinforced stress points
* Specially designed and stitched embroidery
* Available in Ice White & Royal Blue


A – 6.5

B – 29

C – 18

D – 22

E – 18.5

F – 12.75

G – 9

H – 38.5

Crotch to Ankle – 26

The top:

I was really impressed with the logo hits and overall conceptual realization of this Gi. The color contrasts nicely and the interior print is a nice addition.

The Gi top fit me perfectly and I couldn’t find a loose thread or scratchy piece of seam tape on the top.

I’m not the hugest fan of shoulder taping in general, but I admit the Gruntwork shoulder taping looks nice and isn’t over the top.

Gruntworks’ seam tape also looks awesome and wasn’t scratchy thankfully.

The top is on the smaller side of most A2′s that I’ve worn in regards to skirt length and width, so just be aware when ordering.

I am 5’10 190lbs and I could have probably shrunk an A3 top down to size.

The pants: (Check out the update below)

The good: They look great, the ripstop material they use is better than a lot of other ripstop pants I’ve had. I love the pearl weave crotch.

The bad: When I tried on the pants for the first time the first thing that popped in my head was OMGWHY because of the drawstring system. Instead of sticking with the simple designs currently in use Gruntworks took some initiative and tried something new.

Unfortunately they overshot the mark by a good thousand miles. I would rather solve a Nazi Germany Enigma Machine that I just took from a scuttled submarine than come across another belt system like this one.

The system could have been much much simpler, but the level of detail they added left room for error. You have a drawstring on the INSIDE of the pants, Ok cool. The belt loops don’t exist and the outside “belt loop” runs virtually the whole outside of the pants, which I really like. There is double sided velcro in the outside belt loop that has a medal loop (not IBJJF legal) at the end of one end. You insert the other side of the velcro into it and are supposed to pull it over to attach to the same side where the velcro changes. Unfortunately, the velcro wasn’t cut to a length where it would reach and have a fair amount of grip. If it did it would have gone inside the belt.

The flap they use to cover the front velcro and medal ring is cumbersome and wouldn’t have been so bad if it went all the away across. And the only way they could have achieved that was by getting rid of the velcro portion that goes vertical in the front of the pants. The waist itself was very tight, and with all the different coords, loops and velcro I’m surprised they went with such a tight waist as surely the system would have kept a looser waist tight. (I have around a 35 inch waist and the length was perfect.)

In about 5 minutes I took the rope draw string out from the inside, took the velcro loop out and put the rope draw string through the outside holes. It tied no problem and I could even use the flap to cover up the strings to secure them. Frankly, I didn’t think any of the belt loop was necessary and there are many simpler ways to solve the same problem of pants coming undone.

Bottom Line:

The belt system is really over the top and unnecessary. It can work though and everything else looks great. The manufacturer might have some blame though, as the reverse side of Velcro was cut too short so that it would only catch a very small portion of itself.

Update 12/14/2012:

In light of our Review Gruntworks contacted us and clarified a few things I’ll outline here:

1. Their product is unique in its design so it’s best to contact them about sizing prior to purchasing. They like to communicate with the customer directly to ensure a proper fit as their style of Gi doesn’t fall into the conventional sizing chart, and that I missed/didn’t get an email about belt sizing so that there would be enough bite/grip.

2. They also offer a version of the pant with a durable rubber ring, that they say  is IBBJF legal, but I was told that no non cloth-like objects are allowed on the Gi, so I’m not sure where we stand on the IBJJF legality.

3. They offer, for a nominal fee, a pair of competition pants with traditional drawstring free of logos and patches for competitors worried about Gi legality for tournaments. With the nominal fee you could be getting some good bang for your buck and could completely bypass the belt loop issue we experience.

Great customer service!

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