Da Firma Kimono Company

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Gi Review

Da Firma Kimono Company Competitor Review



The sixth release from a lesser known company gets high marks for construction quality, fit and comfort. I’ve been seeing these Gi’s everywhere. They don’t have the same marketing presence as some other companies out there, but not a picture or video goes by without me seeing someone in one of these Gi’s.

Giphotos 001


A: 6.75

B: 29

C: 18.75

D: 24

E: 21

F: 13.5

G: 9.5

H: 40

About the Competidor from DFKC:

Priced at $139, the customer will receive a Gi Top and Gi Bottom.


-450gsm Pearl Weave
-100% Preshrunk Cotton
-EVA Foam Collar
-Contrasting Color Stitching
-Reinforced at Every Stress Point
-Triple stitched at all Stress Points


-10oz Preshrunk Ripstop
-Contrasting Color Stitching
-6 Point Belt Loop System
-Nylon Rope drawstring
-Reinforced Stress Points
-Triple Stitched Across all Stress Points

Size tested: A-3 (SHORT) 5′-5″ 5′-10″ 190-220 (My size: 5’10 195lbs)


For a guy with a bigger top and shorter bottom the A3-Short size fit me perfectly.

Giphotos 015

The gi is on the relatively louder side with it’s large, but good quality, shoulder embroidery. The soft silky seam tape on the outside of skirt adds extra flair. The back of the skirt is also decorated with the DFKC logo.

Giphotos 005

I had no issues with the durability of the Gi while rolling, there was some fraying from inside the sleeve, but didn’t seem to effect the seam tape.

The guy is in the medium range of weight from what I’m used to.

The sleeve openings are a decent width and don’t provide too much for an opponent to grip. One of my favorite features is the silk like feel to the seam taping on the inside of the sleeve. It was quite comfortable.

More companies need to use material like this. Scratchy seam tape can ruin an otherwise great Gi and fortunately DFKC came out on top in that battle.

Giphotos 004


Giphotos 010

Construction wise my only gripe with the pants is that the belt loops go a bit too high in the way they are designed and that the rope draw strings were not tied and secured at the tips. Otherwise the fit and length were perfect for me.

Giphotos 013

I’m not the biggest fan of ripstop for a multitude of reasons, but one of them being that it’s tough to shrink them to size. Fortunately out of the bag these pants fit me great.

I love pearl weave gussets and the crotch length didn’t limit my movement throughout rolling in anyway.

Of note again, the silky seam tape at the bottom of the pants was an absolute delight.


DFKC get’s two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me in regards to quality customer service. Definitely a company you can trust purchasing from.

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