Tatami Estilo 3.0

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Gi Review

Tatami Fightwear Estilo 3.0 After Rolling Top & Pants, Pink Elephant slipper not included

The skinny on the Tatami Estilo 3.0 in Navy:

by Dan Halpin

– 500gsm Single Piece Pearl Weave Jacket
– Canvas rubberized collar, opposed to normal twill collar. Canvas BJJ GI collars are much more hard wearing than traditional twill collars and help to keep the shape of the kimono.
– Contrast stitching on all Kimono’s
– New patch and embroidery designs.
– Triple stitched across all stress points
– Estilo E logo embroidered on both arms and left leg
– Inside cuff and lapel trim
– Heavy 14oz Canvas pants opposed to traditional twill. Double reinforced knee padding, triple stitched with over lapped seams.
– 4 Drawstring loops on the trousers to help keep the pants in the correct position on the body.
– All Estilo kimono’s will come with mix and match pants options enabling customers of in between the sizes to have the best fitting kimono.
– Rope drawstring as opposed to the traditional twill, which allows for tighter fastening of the pants, and more comfort when training.

Bottom line: Buy this Gi! (This gi made our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for a reason!)


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Dan’s Score for the Tatami Estilo 3.0 in Navy: 9/10

Dan’s Dimensions: 5’10″ 195lbs, stockier upper body with normal legs for his height.
Gi Top Size: A3
Pant Size: A2

Estilo 3.0 by Tatami Fightwear Pre-Roll Top & Pants


Pretty much everything about this Gi is likeable. The Gi cut is tailored and fits me like a glove (A3 at 5’10 195lbs, Gi has been washed and dried after every session). The interior is comfortable while the exterior is still difficult to grip.

The Navy colored Estilo 3.0 that I personally own is just beautiful. I don’t see anyone getting as many compliments as I do in regards to what Gi they’re wearing, except maybe a friend of mine who just purchased the Honey Badger Gi(also by Tatami) which is a work of art in the field of color contrasts, but I digress….

There is solid stitching and construction throughout this gi.

The pants. The PANTS. These are easily the most comfortable Gi pants I own.


There is a seam (pictured below) around the neck area that sometimes bothers me. It appears to have happened from an uneven lining up of material on the back of the neck below the collar. I don’t notice it all the time, it’s like a little annoying fly that sometimes appears.

I’m unsure if this is a defect on my particular Gi or a production issue, but in all honest I’m really nit-picking at this Gi because it is THAT good. It’s annoyance factor is around a 1/10.

Estilo 3.0 Bothersome Seam

Gi Top:

As mentioned, the cut of this Gi has a tailored fit. What this means is that the Gi will have skinnier sleeves as well as a skinnier jacket that will feel almost snug to your upper body.

tatami estilo gi review Top

Don’t confuse that with a lack of mobility however as the Estilo 3.0 meets all of my demands and has never felt restrictive in any way shape or form. Tatami’s choice of colors for the patches really give the gi a clean effect without too much clutter like Tatami’s previous patches, definitely a step in the right direction on their part.

estilo 3.0 Sleeve


The collar is around average sized, it feels thin but it’s very sturdy and it doesn’t have a tendency to flap around under my chin, it holds its shape very well.

Tatami Fightwear Estilo 3.0 Collar


The looping system seemed strong after giving it a few nice tugs with no signs of tearing. Although for the average buyer not writing an internet review for the masses I wouldn’t recommend intentionally tugging at the drawstring loops on any Gi, you could easily be heading to the seamstress to sew them back on. The 14oz Canvas pants are very soft and comfortable yet strong.

I am more of a stockier guy and at 5’10″ 195lbs I would recommend the A3 top with the A2 pants if you are able to mix and match through your buyer.

The draw string system is very much preferred by me over the standard twill. I find it is much quicker to readjust quickly during sparing than the traditional style if it gets loose at all.

tatami estilo Beltloop System


The Navy colored Estilo 3.0 really is stunning. The Gi is clean, crisp and beautiful. Not too flashy with just the right amount of bling. The tailored look of the Gi really adds to the sharp looking aspect of it.

There is a potential to go patch-less with this Gi with the only trouble spots being on the shoulder patches where the stitching is under the seam tape.

Any ole seamstress could handle this no problem and of note the Gi looks virtually identical to the Shoyoroll Yank when patch-less.

There is even a thread on the popular Mixed Martial Arts forum, Sherdog, about this.

tatami estilo versus shoyoroll yank

So if minimalism is your thing this Gi looks just as good patch-less. (Note: The Estilo in the Sherdog thread is a 2.0, not a 3.0, but extremely similar none the less.)

I did experience some fade in the Gi after the first wash (although I actually prefer the faded look). As I am generally lazy but also a germ freak my Gi’s go straight into the washer on Cold/Cold and then into the drier*.

It just makes me feel better about not leaving something wet drying in the open air. Tatami does NOT recommend the drier and I could have lost some color by doing this.

I add Distilled White Vinegar to all of the washes to help with any smell that could infiltrate the cotton as well as to help maintain the color of the Gi. I do not do a pre-soak in white vinegar prior to the first wash as a lot of people recommend, I’ve heard this is superstitious but it definitely helps with the smell. I experienced minimal shrinkage with the Tatami, less than a centimeter in sleeve length.

*As a side note I don’t actually recommend drying your gi in a dryer to anyone because it does wear out your Gi faster unless, like me, you’re lazy and a germaphobe. Or you just like wearing out Gi’s fast so you have reason to buy a new one.

Non-scientific who ha:

I bought my Estilo 3.0 and proudly posted on Facebook about it and within an hour or so a good friend of mine called and told me he had just been sponsored by Tatami and asked if I recommended the Estilo, which of course I did. My friend picked up an Estilo 3.0 in Blue immediately and called me back to tell me how much he loved it once he got to roll in it and how it was the best Gi he has ever owned. His main Gi prior to the Estilo 3.0 was a Shoyoroll Compadre and he said the cut and finish of the Tatami were far superior.

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