Omega Maniac Shaka

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Gi Review


The anticipation of this Gi arriving to my house was through the roof. When it finally arrived, I was absolutely blown away. This Gi is top of the line stuff. Amazing quality and amazing design. The colors contrast beautifully, the top is extremely light and that pants are just outright phenomenal (the virtually non-existent belt loop system is drool worthy).  The tailored fit of the tops and pants is exceptionally slimming on me. At $149 it’s not the cheapest Gi out there, but for the construction quality and beautiful design, I think it stomps all over the retail prices of Shoyoroll gis right now.

Gi Reviewed: A2 on a 5’10″ 195lb frame.










About the Shaka:


  • Premium light weight pearl weave
  • One piece jacket (no back seam)
  • Triple stitch reinforced construction
  • EVA foam collar
  • Tailored fit
  • Custom embroideries and inner tape


  • 10oz Cotton pants
  • Pearl weave gusset
  • Pearl weave knee pads
  • Enclosed drawstring system w/ rope drawstring
  • Triple stitch reinforced construction
  • Tailored fit
  • Custom embroideries and inner tape
Price: $148.00


The Gi is a very light Pearl weave that is soft on the inside and relatively scratchy on the outside. I think Omega Maniac got the jacket perfect for those looking to impede your opponent while feeling comfortable yourself. An opponent likened it to “sandpaper”.

The jacket is a slimmer tailored fit that looks tailored to my body (when I’ve skipped Chipotle for lunch). 
Much like a lot of Gi’s lately the sleeves are quite slim at the wrist and throughout the arm, but no impediment of movement was experienced by me.

I was skeptical of the small orange collar accent turning out well, but have to put the skepticism to rest because it looks GORGEOUS. I thought it would look overdone, but it doesn’t.

The logos on the sleeves (embroidery) and on the front part of the skirt (patch) are simple and aesthetically pleasing.

The inside seam taping on the skirt and sleeves look clean and I had zero issues with scratchiness.

I found the collar to be of decent thickness, very average for the Gi’s weight.


I have experienced crappy belt loop systems before, I dread testing any new “innovative” belt loop system. The Omega Maniac Shaka & Vibe belt loop systems smacked me across the face and made me a believer.

There are no loops, the rope runs all the way through and you tie it in a small space in the front. It doesn’t bunch and stays together well.

Overall these pants are my hands down favorite of any Gi I have ever worn. Ever. They don’t restrict my movement at all while still being slimmer to the leg than most companies.

The crotch is reinforced with a pearl weave gusset but maybe much more intriguing are the knee reinforcements. These bad boys are reinforced with the same Pearl weave on the jacket and with a great amount of overall knee coverage.

Of note, the pearl weave is on the INSIDE of the pant facing outward, so you can’t see that it’s pearl weave until you look inside the leg, and the soft portion of the weave rests against your skin.

I really do detest having to readjust/pullup/retie my pants constantly during class and the Shaka stops me from having to do that. These pants easily outclass my Rio Koi pants in every way.

Wife Approval:

“Oh my god it’s so pretty! Like, that looks soo good.”


As an active BJJ practitioner I actually feel compelled to thank Omega Maniac for doing such an awesome job on this Gi, because of how much effort I believe went into making sure that BJJ players concerns and needs were addressed.  This Gi has skyrocketed right to the top of my rotation in the #1 spot.

It also comes with a Gi Bag. I love me some Gi bags. A single side strap that is your standard industry size.

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